Timeless Leather Mules For All Seasons

The best women's footwear is the one you reach for time and time again. It’s the mules that seem to work with any outfit you put together. They go from day to night, to the corner store across the street or downtown for date night. It’s the clogs that consistently get you stopped by strangers who want to know where you got them. It’s the loafers that get you in your stride when your favorite song is next up in your playlist. They’re like your glass slipper, except you have both and you’ll never let them get away.

If you’re looking for “that” shoe, the one that pulls its weight in your closet, you need to meet Anna and Aurora, the women's leather mules designed for year-round wear. Classic (but not your basic ballerina), comfortable (but not orthopaedic), and versatile (but not boring), these mules are a wardrobe workhorse that will show up for you season after season.  And best of all, when you’ve worn them through (and this will take a while), you can send them back to HILOS to be returned into the production cycle #circulareconomy.


When designing our newest block heel mules for women, there were a few considerations: accessibility, quality, and year-round style. We wanted the classic look of a loafer, but a little more refined. We wanted the bohemian, easy quality of a clog, but something lighter on the foot and more versatile within your wardrobe. And of course, it needed to be comfortable. Extremely comfortable. 

And if that request wasn’t tall enough, sustainability was a priority. We wanted a made-to-order model that didn’t back up our supply chain but still stayed true to the ethos of producing only at checkout. They also had to be made minimally and without glue, so that they could be deconstructed and recycled easily at the end of their lifecycle. 


Designed with a soft square toe and 1.5” crescent block heel, Anna and Aurora are sisters, not twins.  You’ll find the same 3D printed sole, digital mesh cushion, suede, or vegetable-tanned leather, but while Aurora offers a little more support with her sleek slingback, Anna is an easy, breezy slip-on that is always ready to go. 

Both styles are available in a variety of colorways with a classic, black base. Aurora is offered in black leather, tan, cognac, olive, and burgundy, while Anna has one solid black leather color option in addition to the sand/coconut, black/sand, and black/olive color-blocked versions.

Regardless of style, both of these unique, best seller mules flex with every step, are as comfy as your tried and true Adidas, and are designed to fit into any women's wardrobe, year-round.


Leather mules are shoes without a heel enclosure, designed to be slipped on freely like the Anna style. Or in the case of the slingback mule Aurora, it will have a thin, elegant strap to keep the foot in place.

While clogs, their style cousin, tend to have a bohemian, laid-back look, women's mules offer versatility in their ability to be dressed up, or down. They’re just as easily a style that you can slip on to grab groceries as they are a shoe that you reach for on a night out. Designs and materials can range from suede mules, nubuck leather, shearling-lined, or simple black leather.

Our 3D printed 2 inch clog, Brandi
Brandi, our 3D-printed clog

Clogs are a Danish footwear design, traditionally made entirely out of wood. Now, they are most commonly seen with a wood base, round toe, and leather upper, though they can be made in a variety of different materials and textiles. A popular clogs style, for example, would be the Birkenstock or Croc slide sandals, and you will also see them from brands like Franco Sarto, Sam Edelman, Steve Madden, and Dolce Vita. 

Mules are typically designed to cover three-quarters of the foot, leaving the back entirely open. While clogs are often produced in a slip-on style, this is only one of many designs we see.

Aurora, a slingback mule with a soft square toe (L)
Brandi, a slip-on clog with a 2 inch platform and rounded toe (R)


While we can’t speak for everyone, the best-seller Anna and Aurora block heel mules were designed equally for comfort and style. The footbed is 3D printed with mesh lattices that mechanically provide cushioning without the need for extra padding. This technology creates a springy, flexible base that holds the foot comfortably, with a supple leather upper that softens over time.

The absence of a high heel also helps make these shoes extra comfortable. The 1.5" low heel is accessible for most people, and the slingback mule style of the Aurora also adds extra comfort. 



A common FAQ we get is how to best care for women's mules shoes to keep them in great condition and lasting as long as possible. It's important to note that all our leathers are vegetable-tanned, a process with natural ingredients that can make the leather more sensitive to scratches and discoloration. The result is a shoe that is unique to you, how you wear them, and how you care for them.

To keep your shoes looking fresh, we suggest using Black Rock Leather Conditioner. Dab a rag (we prefer hemp and cotton) or leather brush into the conditioner and massage it over the leather with an even coating, making sure to rub over the edges to keep them clean.

While your leather mules are designed for longevity, when they’ve reached their end of life, you can return them to HILOS to be recycled and remade into something new.



Personally, we think block heel mules go well with anything, but we brainstormed a few go-to looks for you to pair with your new favorite year-round shoes.


For early spring, slip on the Aurora mules for a park date to see the cherry blossoms. The weather is definitely warming up, but there’s still a bit of a chill, so go with a thick sweater over a floaty floral dress, thin socks, and a leather accessory that picks up on the color of the leather. The contrast of the square toe with a floral print helps ground a softer look with a bit of an edge.  

For those late spring afternoons, you can ditch the socks, but keep the other layers, and maybe bring a bigger bag to stash your cardigan in when it gets too warm. Throw on a pair of jeans, your Anna flat mules, a casual button-up, and an extra layer for later. The color-blocked style also offers a fun opportunity to play around with similar tones in your outfit styling.


In the summer, we opt for those easy, out-the-door outfits that don’t require much thought but are still serving looks. While a leather sandal is a seasonal go-to, we think the Anna mule is a fun alternative, paired with a striped t-shirt, great pair of denim shorts, and your favorite sunnies. A matching black leather bag or a canvas tote helps tie in the Anna mules in a way that is intentional, but understated.  

On those absolute dog days of summer, we pair the Anna flat mules with a boxy baby doll dress, big floppy hat, and opt for carrying our essentials in our pockets (because it’s too hot to have anything too close). We love this for when we want to look cool in the heat without effort.

Anna in Black & Olive


Dark Denim was made for Aurora and Anna. For a casual weekday at the office, imagine a nice little kick flare to add a subtle draw to your black leather Aurora mules, a classic oversized blazer and t-shirt combo, with a big tote for your laptop and the requisite “just in case” sweater that comes with early fall. The low heel makes it perfect for work, but is dressy enough to wear for cocktails too. 

For those cooler fall months, pair block heel mules with warm layers, unique textures, and warm tones. We’re thinking of a nice pair of worn-in vintage jeans, socks, and a cozy shearling jacket for a movie night at the theatres.


Move over sandals – socks and mules are the go-to fashion rule to break. Pairing Anna or Aurora with a comfy wool sock, faux fur coat, and a favorite relaxed trousers sounds like the perfect look to throw on for errands. And if the winter blues have you feeling down, reach for a color-blocked Anna to add a little extra visual interest to a casual outfit.

For those living in a colder climate, consider retiring your mules for indoor use only; the low heel height makes it perfect for this. If you’re still working remotely, wearing a house shoe instead of a traditional slipper helps give that feeling of being “dressed up” for work, even if it’s only one room over at your home office. Plus, when the spring rolls around, your shoes will have formed nicely to your feet and be ready for you to step into the new season.

No matter how you style them, we know these leather mules will be a fixture in your wardrobe from Spring through Winter, across town, or around your home.

How are you styling your leather mules? Tag us in your outfits @hilos_shoes so we can live vicariously through your shoes.