Teaming up with FutureCard to make sustainability accessible

We're excited about our partnership with FutureCard Visa® Card, a Visa card that aims to make sustainability more affordable and accessible. FutureCard incentivizes climate-friendly purchases through instant cashback rewards, so that making the right choice for the planet is always easy.


The first of its kind, FutureCard is a new card by Visa that democratizes climate smart living, no matter your credit score of the size or your paycheck. Future conducts independent research on the environmental impact of each business, only partnering with brands and services that demonstrate a significantly lower carbon footprint than the leading alternative. As a FuturePartner, we're excited to be among other brands who are commited to paving the way for a more sustainable future.


The FutureCard card doesn't require a credit pull to sign up and has no fees or interest associated with using it. As a FutureCard holder, you'll receive 6% cashback instantly every time you shop with HILOS! You'll also receive cashback for climate-smart transactions like public transportation, online thrift marketplaces, and more.

Questions? Check out Future's FAQ here


FutureCard also rewards you for shopping secondhand, teaming up with brands like Patagonia, Levi's, The North Face and more to give you 5% cashback when you shop through their respective circularity programs.

Patagonia's Worn Wear, Levi's SecondHand, and The North Face Renewed offer platforms to repair, repurpose, and purchase used apparel, extending the life of their garments and keeping them out of landfills.



Ministry of Supply is a zero emissions and climate neutral certified brand using technology to produce high-performing apparel.

Siblings is a company tackling the waste created by candles. Their eco-friendly wax comes in compostable packaging that allows you to repurpose all your empty jars and vessels that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Rad Power Bikes is an electric bike company encouraging you to rethink the way you get around.

Reserve your FutureCard and start getting rewarded for your climate smart purchases today!