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The reason we exist

We fill a lot of shoes throughout our day - commuter, co-worker, presenter, friend, date- and we deserve something that allows us to participate more fully in what our days have to offer without compromising. No more picking fashion over comfort, confidence over balance, style over self.

We know what it’s like to have bought something you couldn’t even wear. To have to end your outing early because you couldn’t take another step. To deal with having a pile of shoes under your desk.

We’re called to a higher standard - shoes that allow you to be who you are with confidence and without compromise. To get there, we’ve reimagined footwear from the factory floor up. We want to make for you and not the shelf, to give you something you can wear all day, all night, all week; to make with purpose, design with intention, and create responsibly so that everything has a second life. This is our purpose. This is the reason we exist.


Same material as your favorite running shoe, a footbed that cradles and supports every step, and a tailored fit with more sizes than ever.


Timeless conversation pieces intentionally made with circularity in mind.


Your size and color are always in stock.


Your fit, your palette, your story.

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