Leather Care Guide

If  you’ve ever wondered about the best ways to care for your leather goods to keep them looking as good as the day you received them, you’re in the right place! Leather by nature is a strong material that can last a lifetime, but a little maintenance goes a long way. 

HILOS shoes are made with high-quality leather exclusively sourced from Gold-certified tanneries vetted by the Leather Working Group. The world’s leading environmental certification for the leather industry, Leather Working Group is a non-profit organization that represents responsible leather sourcing by improving the environmental performance of the leather industry. The tanneries we work with all have at least 95% traceability and eco-conscious water efficiency systems in place. 

Making from the highest quality leathers allows for environmentally responsible, beautiful shoes that will take you where you need to go for years to come. And so, without further ado, here are some tips we’ve compiled to keep your HILOS looking fresh!  


Vegetable tanning is a natural method of processing leather that dates back thousands of years. Unlike chromium tanning, the vegetable tanning process relies on vegetable tannins to tan hides instead of chromium salts, which produces toxic waste that often leaches back into the environment to pollute water and food sources. As a result of this natural process, veg tanned leather develops a patina unique to each shoe over time and can also be more sensitive to scratches and discoloration.

Tools you'll need:

- A leather conditioner (we prefer Blackrock) 
- A soft hemp or cotton rag 
- Optional: A brush 
- Optional: Conditioner applicator 

To rehydrate and polish:

1. Wipe down shoe with a dry rag to remove visible dust and dirt 

2. Using small amounts at a time, dab your rag into the leather conditioner and apply to the leather in circular motions. You can place your other hand on the inside of the shoe to help apply consistent pressure.  

Note that seeing the leather visibly darken is normal! It will lighten up as the conditioner dries. 

Tip: The circular motions help keep the conditioner application as consistent as possible so that you don’t end up with streaks or dark spots.  


Nubuck is a soft suede like material that's buffed to provide a rich, velvety feel. Nubuck’s porous nature can make it prone to stains,so we recommend coating your shoes with a suede or nubuck protector at least twice a year.

Tools you'll need:

- Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector 
- Stain Eraser Bar 
- A brush (we like this Shacke Suede and Nubuck 4 Way Brush Cleaner, but you can use any brush you prefer) 

To protect Nubuck from stains:

1. Brush off shoe to remove visible dust and dirt 

2. Lightly spray on a layer of Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck protector.  

3. Wait for it to dry, then repeat with a second layer 

To remove stains from Nubuck

1. First, brush out the stained area with the rough side of the Stain Eraser Bar.

2. Using small, circular motions, continue brushing area with the smooth side of the bar. 

3. Once stain has faded, use your suede brush to gently buff the area back to its natural texture. 

Need more help?

If you have more questions about how to care for your HILOS, feel free to drop a line at contact@hilos.co and we’ll be happy to help out!