If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

Partner with us

We collaborate with brands big and small to forward our mission of changing the way the world makes. Interested in creating your own circular footwear line? Let's collaborate!

How it works

Rapid development

Our tech-forward process allows you to develop and launch new footwear lines in as little as 90 days. No more designing 18 months in advance or being tied down by molds and traditional tooling.

On-demand manufacturing

We make your customer's shoes only after they order, then drop ship directly to them. This allows our brand partners to offer more sizes, colors, & styles without the cost, eliminating the need for minimums, forecasting, overproduction, & waste.

Circularity as a service

Everything we design is made to be unmade right here on our own production floors. Your customers ship back their shoes when they're ready to let them go, then we disassemble and repurpose every piece.

Hear from HELM about our recent collaboration

Brad day, ceo, helm

"The industry isn't innovating at all around the craft of the product. To bring innovation to our industry in this way is really exciting. "

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