Let's change the way the world makes

The future is on-demand

Our mission is to stop waste before it starts, pioneering 3D printed shoes made on-demand, without inventory or waste.

Ending overproduction

24 billion shoes are made every year and one out of five are sent straight to the landfill. The industry massively overproduces, but by making on-demand, we can reverse this trend all while offering more sizes and styles without the costs of inventory or waste.


Only 5% of shoes are recycled today, and this is mostly because of the way they are made. By simplifying our constructions, utilizing new materials, and engineering for disassembly, the components of our products can be repurposed for new products at the end of life.

Saving water

The average pair of shoes uses at least 2000 gallons of water to make, helping to explain why the fashion retail industry is responsible for 20% of global water pollution. Our digital manufacturing process reduces this by over 99%, helping save more than 1900 gallons of water per pair.

Introducing the first

Environmental assessment of 3D printed shoes

A team of graduate students at Yale’s Center for Business and the Environment worked with HILOS and our supply chain partners - BASF, HP, and AMT- to examine each piece of our environmental impact.

Why 3D printing?

Almost every shoe today is made from a layered construction. 3D printing allows us to take what was formerly different materials glued together and instead print a single part on-demand, reducing overproduction and material waste while enabling recyclability.

The first Environmental Assessment of 3D printing

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