We’ve been settling.

After seeing that shoes weren’t being made with our feet in mind, we set out to reimagine footwear with the core principals of minimalism, quality, and responsibility in mind.

Minimalism for us was stripping away the old DNA of traditional shoe making to use only what’s needed. Instead of nearly two dozen pieces bonded together, our shoes are made of just two recyclable components. And rather than nailing and gluing them together using toxins and screws, our assembly method keeps each piece in the perfect embrace while allowing for disassembly and recyclability. The world’s complicated enough, beauty is in simplicity.

Quality starts with materials and embodies our design. Our all-in-one adaptive platform is made out of a newly engineered performance material with the resilience and support of a running shoe.

3D printing is the technology that allows us to take minimalism and quality to the next level. It allows us to make our shoes from the inside out rather than from the bottom up, so they are lighter, more durable, and more supportive. We print only what’s needed, making on-demand and locally with a second life in mind.