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Our Technology

We see shoes not as a set of component parts assembled together, but as an integrated system working to support and propel you. By developing new, patented forms of shoemaking adapted for digital manufacturing, we’ve pushed past the boundaries of traditional production.


Inset into the platform is a digital mesh of lattice that acts as a dynamic form of supportive cushion made from BASF's new Ultrasint material. The end result is a soft, springy footbed with a flexible platform that cradles each step.


3D printing not only allows us to make on-demand just in time, it provides us an opportunity to offer a wider range of sizes without the risk of overproducing or running out of stock.


By combining the traditional insole, midsole, and outsole into a single 3D printed platform, we surpass the performance and durability of traditional manufacturing while allowing for complete recyclability.

Where technology meets craftsmanship.