Additive Footwear

Partner with us

We love to collaborate with brands big and small to drive a new generation of personalized footwear made locally and sustainably.

Every shoe we make is

Made for You

Blending 3D printing and hand craftsmanship in a radically new way to put you at the center of what you wear. 

Designed & Made in

Portland, OR

Made from the same material as

Your Running Shoe

3-D printed from a new performance material with the flex and spring of a running shoe that cradles your feet and never gives up. 

Interchangeable straps

Two Shoes in One

Easily switch up your style from tie up to sling back - your shoes come with both options so you never have to decide.

designed for circularity

100% Recyclable

When your shoes have run their course, send them back to us and we'll disassemble and repurpose every single piece.