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Meet Aurora

A radically new way to make shoes

Where technology & craftsmanship meet to create a circular future.

Meet Emmett


We're driving our mission to change the way the world makes one collaboration at a time. Shop the latest, Emmett - designed by HELM, made by HILOS.

Made from the same material as

Your Running Shoes

3D printed from a new performance material with the flex and spring of a running shoe that cradles your feet and never gives up. 

Circular Footwear

Made to be unmade

Every shoe we make is designed to be disassembled and recycled at end-of-life. Send your shoes back to us when you're done with them and we'll take care of the rest.

Every shoe we make is

Made for you

3D printing allows us to make every pair to order, reducing waste and making sure your perfect size and color are always in stock.

Partner with us

We collaborate with brands big and small to drive a new generation of digitally crafted, circular footwear.